c. Cut each equal part in half. Since this line crosses the left and right edges of the whole rectangle, the four small triangles shown above (bounded between the purple and darker grey lines) have equal area, so the left rectangle is divided 1:4 and the right rectangle divided 2:3. How do you geometrically divide a rectangle into 5 equal parts? Overall, the rectangle … For a rectangle, same divisions are applicable.

d. Rearrange the new equal shares to create different polygons. a. Cut out the square at the bottom of this page. Draw lines that are parallel to the adjacent side to the opposite side. f. 4 fourths 2. e. Draw one of your new polygons from Part (d) below.

Cut the square in half.

for a rectangle of specific dimensions like 2 n x 4n, (ie., 2 cm by 4 cm ) we can divide it in 4 equal parts as shown in the figure. b. Rearrange the halves to create a new rectangle with no gaps or overlaps. Select any one side and divide its length into 5 equal parts. For a rectangle of specific dimensions like 3 n x 4 n (ie., 3 cm by 4 cm or 9 cm by 12 cm), we can divide in two ways at least as shown.

Shade one half using your pencil. This will divide the rectangle into 5 equal strips.

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