1,800 boats in the Bay must fight the elements and each other within highly policed areas of water "districts" during a … 1,800 captains and their crews draw the battle lines to help save Alaska's ecosystem by reeling in a massive sockeye salmon payday. Alaska: Battle on the Bay (2015). As the Bristol Bay salmon season grinds to a close the crews are beginning to feel the fatigue. This season could very interesting as 1,800 captains with their crew try to land huge paychecks while helping Alaska's ecosystem by catching sockeye salmon. To preserve the environment and sustain the fisheries for future migrations, crews harvest up to 70 percent of the salmon during a four-week season. Alaska: Battle On The Bay. Every salmon season on Bristol Bay is a battle, but this year promises to be legendary. Helping protect Alaska's ecosystem when millions of sockeye salmon migrate each year are commercial fishermen looking to reel in massive paydays. In the desolate outreaches of Bristol Bay, Alaska, the most competitive fishing season on Earth takes place throughout four short weeks. The price is historically high, the stocks of fish are huge and the only thing guaranteed is a battle on the bay. In the desolate outreaches of Bristol Bay, Alaska, the most competitive fishing season on Earth takes place throughout four short weeks. While the salmon are just below the water, five captains fish the bay. Previous Image 1 / 10 Next. Captain Luke and the crew come to the rescue of a fellow captain and save him and his crew from a dangerous boat fire. Reality. In this May 19, 2018, photo World War II veteran William Roy Dover, of Haleyville, Ala., speaks at a 75th anniversary celebration of the Battle of Attu in Anchorage, Alaska. 41 min | … It's a new fishing series unlike any other fishing series before. 1,800 captains and their crews draw the battle lines to help save Alaska's ecosystem by … Alaska: Battle on the Bay closely follows five captains and their ships during the annual migration of more than 44 million sockeye salmon in Alaska's Bristol Bay. In Alaska: Battle on the Bay, we are competing with 1800 boats to catch the most amount of sockeye salmon we can in a 4 week period with a bumper-to-bumper Nascar feel. Season 1 • Episode 7. Alaska Battle on the Bay is filmed in Bristol Bay. The Grind.

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