This is Hulk and Juggernaut from World War Hulk: X-Men #3. hulk is considered to be a wolrd threat. Juggernaut greater than base hulk.

juggernaut was awesome, but nothing he did couldnt be replicated by hulk, and he had no feats to suggest he can hurt hulk. On Tuesday, Marvel Comics revealed a selection of upcoming comics releasing in June. the juggernaut wins. During the World War Hulk storyline, Hulk launched an attack on Professor X. 0. Reviews: 0. "So here is Jugg's vs War (Hulk when amped greatly by Celestial tech). User Lists: 0 #1 Sheriff_America Online. 0. Even though the Hulk notched a decisive win over the Juggernaut, it still didn't make up for the beating Marko handed the Hulk a few issues earlier. (Sorry no pictures) Fight takes place in Yankee Stadium with Mjolnir encircling it. Post navigation.

But who wins? Juggernaut (FOX) VS Hulk (2003) Sheriff_America. Wiki Points.

Marvel is pitting the Hulk against the Juggernaut.

Well thats … Two of the strongest beings in the Marvel Universe go head to head! Welcome to my blog page! hulk stomps. Followers. This battle between the two powerhouses may have ended with more of a whimper than a bang, but the Hulk and Juggernaut are set to have their next rematch in Juggernaut's upcoming miniseries , which is already shaping up to be a brawl for the ages.

Hulk The Incredible Hulk vs. Greetings!

The Incredible Hulk vs. Hercules (World War Hulk) The Incredible Hulk vs. Black Bolt (World War Hulk) Published by lowbrowcomics. red hulk can't not beat juggernaut. Follow 29.

Juggernaut vs. World War Hulk. Forum Posts. juggernaut was tossed into the sun by sentry and still didn't stop the juggernaut.

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Hello! The Green Goliath vs the Unstoppable Juggernaut! While many supremely strong X-Men like Colossus were left broken under the Hulk's might, the Juggernaut endured it all, never being beaten down by the Green Goliath in World War Hulk: X-Men #3, by Christos Gage and Andrea DiVito.

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