In 2018, the Sacramento Police Department Communications Center received 631,821 phone calls, a 6 percent increase from the previous year. And one of the best ways to do is by listening in to free police scanners online ! Feed archives, no ads, and more.

Police Radio 10-Codes.

00:00 Play Live. Or, navigate to your city or town to view your local city and/or police frequencies within Sacramento County, California. Feed Status: Listeners: 61. Search California Codes. Ten-codes, officially known as ten signals, are brevity codes used to represent common phrases in voice communication, particularly by law enforcement and in Citizens Band (CB) radio transmissions. The police version of ten-codes is officially known as the APCO Project 14 Aural Brevity Code.. The codes were originally developed in 1937 to allow for brevity, clarity, and standardization of messages transmitted over radio channels. Sacramentio Police and Fire Frequencies SACRAMENTO COUNTY SHERIFF Channel 1 Ch1 North patrol/STAR 453.900 Channel 2 Ch2 Records/tactical 453.250 Channel 3 Ch3 South patrol 453.575 Channel 4 Ch4 Long range tac 453.675 Channel 5 Ch5 Short range tac 453.475 Channel 6 Tactical (simplex) 453.950 SACRAMENTO POLICE Channel 7 Downtown patrol 460.050 Channel 8 South: Ch 2 … If available, see below for a list of known police frequencies for Sacramento County in California. Upgrade now to take advantage of our Premium Services. California Code, Penal Code - PEN § 831.4. Sacramento County Police Frequencies. Station # Address City Units 1 624 Q St Sacramento 2 1229 I St Sacramento 3 7208 W Elkhorn Blvd Sacramento 4 3145 Granada Way Sacramento 5 731 Broadway Sacramento Police Scanner Radio Frequencies Online People are always looking for better and easier ways to stay informed about what’s going on in the city or local neighborhood. Tweet. Sacramento County Sheriff and City Police. Ten-codes, also known as 10-codes or ten signals, are code words used by many police officers to aid with voice communication. Volume: A brief 15-30 sec ad will play at the start of this feed. No ads for Premium Subscribers.

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