The addition of substances called surfactants can reduce the surface tension of a liquid. tension definition: Tension is physical or mental strain, the force created by pulling something tight or a strain in a relationship. The tension force is directed over the length of the wire and pulls energy equally on the bodies at the ends. Soaps and detergents: These help the cleaning of clothes by lowering the surface tension of the water so that it more readily soaks into pores and soiled areas. tension 1. If you're behind a web filter, please make sure that the domains * and * are unblocked.

Psychological stress; Tension (physics), a force related to the stretching of an object (the opposite of compression) Tension (geology), a stress which stretches rocks in two opposite directions Voltage or electric tension, the difference in electric potential energy between two points; Entertainment. 2. 2. a. What you need. Surface tension disinfectants: Disinfectants are usually solutions of low surface tension. b. Surface tension is a physical property equal to the amount of force per unit area necessary to expand the surface of a liquid..

sion (tĕn′shən) n. 1. a. 4. How to use tension in a sentence. Mental, emotional, or nervous strain: working under great tension to make a deadline. A measure of such a force: a tension on the cable of 50 pounds. The supports carry the loads from the beam by compression vertically to the foundations. This allow them to spread out on the cell walls of bacteria and disrupt them. The act or process of stretching something tight. 3. Surface tension is one of the amazing properties of water. Test your knowledge on cohesion, adhesion, and surface tension of water! If you're seeing this message, it means we're having trouble loading external resources on our website. How do we calculate the force of tension? Here’s how it works: The molecules in a liquid pull at each other from all directions. Put them in pairs, and tape each pair in the middle so that they make an “x”. Surface tension is a principal factor in capillary action.. b. What Is Tension Force? It’s a very cool science activity for little kids. The condition of being stretched or strained, the degree to which anything is stretched or strained. Other articles where Tension is discussed: bridge: Beam: …beam is subjected to horizontal tension. A force tending to stretch or elongate something. Tension. Dictionary > Tension. This means they have 0 force. (Science: chemistry) The partial pressure of a gas in a fluid, for example, of oxygen in blood. Tension force is a force that is exerted equally on both ends of a cable, chain, rope, wire or other continuous object and is transmitted between the ends by that object. Surface tension is a physical property equal to the amount of force per unit area necessary to expand the surface of a liquid.. For example, gravity pulls the rope holding a tree-branch swing downwards; the resulting tension between the branch and gravity pulls the swing upwards and the branch downwards. Here is an excellent experiment demonstrating how water surface tension works. Tension Force The tension force is defined as the force that is transmitted through a rope, string or wire when pulled by forces acting from opposite sides. sion / ˈten sh ən / • n. 1. the state of being stretched tight: the parachute keeps the cable under tension as it drops. ∎ the state of having the muscles stretched tight, esp. Play. See more. The condition of so being stretched; tautness. On a microscopic level, objects under tension have a separation between molecules that creates potential energy in their bonds. Tension definition, the act of stretching or straining. Forces ... people often draw the force of tension going in the wrong direction so remember that tension can only pull on an object.

Fill the plate with a thin layer of water. Tension is a contact force transmitted through a rope or similar object when forces pull on the object's opposite ends. Science. Surface tension is a principal factor in capillary action.. ∎ a strained state or condition resulting from forces acting in opposition to each other. The addition of substances called surfactants can reduce the surface tension of a liquid. The bottoms of the paper away from the center are the feet. Surface tension, represented by the symbol γ is defined as the force along a line of unit length, where the force is parallel to the surface but perpendicular to the line. 3. a. First, cut out six strips of thin cardboard, each about half an inch wide. It is the tendency of a fluid surface to occupy the smallest possible surface area. Curve the foot ends of the first cardboard water strider slightly upwards.

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