Hoover Dam, USA. Arch dams are particularly adapted to the gorges where the length is small in proportion to the height. An arch dam transfers the water pressure and other forces mainly to the abutments by arch action. The buttress wall is constructed as single stiffened wall or double hollow wall. These slabs are supported by buttresses. For a given height, the section of an arch dam is much lesser than a corresponding gravity dam. A dam of the pure arch type is one relying solely upon the arched form for stability.

The shape of arch dams has changed at Reclamation (Figure Dover the years-1). through the arch dam into the foundation.
A buttress dam can take many forms, such as a flat slab or a massive head buttress. The foundation surface for each slice is implicitly assumed to be hor-izontal in the direction of the dam axis, that is cross-valley. While in case of the gravity dams the maximum forces are exerted on the bed of the dam, in case of the arch the maximum forces are exerted on the lateral walls of the dam. 2. Various forces coming onto the dam are resisted by its arch action. An arch dam is quite suitable for narrow canyons with strong flanks which are capable of resisting the thrust produced by the arch action. Is This Answer Correct ?

This type of dam can be preferred for larger heights about more than 50 meters. Arch dams: The arch dams comprise of the convex arch which is supported by the lateral rock walls. Hence, an arch dam requires less material and is, therefore, cheaper. Multiple arch dam contains series of arches and in this case arch slabs are provided at the upstream face of the dam. For a given height, the section of an arch dam is much lesser than a corresponding gravity dam. Hence, an arch dam requires less material and is, therefore, cheaper. It is constructed using masonry or concrete but requires less material compared to gravity dam. Arch dams are particularly adapted to the gorges where the length is small in proportion to the height. 3. A dam of the pure gravity type Is one in which the sole reliance for stability is the weight of the masonry. Arch-gravity dams are massive dams of concrete that resist the thrust of water by their weight using the force of gravity and the arch action.. An arch-gravity dam incorporates the arch's curved design that is so effective in supporting the water in narrow, rocky locations where the gorge's sides are of hard rock and the water is forced into a narrow channel. Gravity vs. Arch Dams. Multiple Arch Buttress Dam. Arch: Concrete arch dams are typically rather thin in cross-section. Ambursen dam. 8. Buttress: A buttress dam is a specific type of gravity dam in which the large mass of concrete is reduced, and the forces are diverted to the dam foundation through vertical or sloping buttresses. Arch-gravity dam definition is - an arch dam having also sufficient mass and breadth of base to provide gravity stability. That means that only the stability of thin 2-D cross-slices is investigated. 2. RCC gravity dams, but also fill dams with a core or a concrete face), are generally analysed as two-dimen-sional structures. Advantages of Arch Dam. Arch Dam. Multiple arch dam. A buttress dam composed of a series of arches for the upstream face. It resists the forces exerted upon it mainly due to shear strength of soil. A buttress dam in which the upstream part is a relatively thin flat slab usually made of reinforced concrete. Crown cantilevers have evolved from shapes that look more like thin gravity dams

An arch dam is curved in plan with its convex upstream. An arch dam having a curved surface transfers the forces acting on it laterally to the foundation.In the case of gravity dam, the dam's self weight is used to resist the forces acting on it. 1. There is no reinforcement in an arch dam, so tensile stresses are to be minimized by shaping to reduce the potential for cracking in the concrete. An earthen dam is made of earth (or soil). The loads coming onto the dam are transferred to the abutments of dam. 3.

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