There are not many examples of recent compromise because there is little bipartisanship now. Negative Compromise Not all compromise is positive. Compromises usually occur in win-lose situations -- when there is a fixed pie to be divided up, and whatever one side gets, the other side loses.

This is important because, clearly, not everyone is going to have the same view or opinion on a specific issue.

Without it, the Constitution would not have been passed. New Zealand's parliament has 120 seats, and, for any party to form a government, 61 seats are required.

Compromise definition is - settlement of differences by arbitration or by consent reached by mutual concessions. If the health care legislation is passed and it does not have a public insurance option, that will be a compromise. Members of Congress seek to make statements and bolster their reelection …

In many ways, that is where the similarities end. Again, this is an example of positive compromise because it is done in the best interest of both companies and their employees. Business email compromise attacks are a form of cyber crime which use email fraud to attack commercial, government and non-profit organizations to achieve a specific outcome which negatively impacts the target organization.

New Zealanders, however, were in the process of selecting their new government.

The two main reasons this is important are: 1. The commerce compromise permitted tariffs only on imports from foreign countries and not on exports from the U.S. to other countries.

How to use compromise in a sentence. Among the many lost arts in Washington, DC is the lost art of compromise. Examples include invoice scams and spear phishing spoof attacks which are designed to gather data for other criminal activities. Necessity of Compromise.
In compromise situations, neither side Compromise is a basic negotiation process in which both parties give up something that they want in order to get something else they want more. By Brad Spangler June 2003 What is Compromise? Like in the United States, coverage of the election took place throughout the evening. The compromise of 1790 located the national capitol in Washington DC. The Connecticut Compromise resolved a conflict between big states and small states at the Constitutional Convention. Most significantly, this commerce compromise made the regulation of interstate commerce the responsibility of the federal government. Compromise means "blending and adjusting competing views and interests," or in other words, give-and-take. ‘a compromise between the freedom of the individual and the need to ensure orderly government’ More example sentences ‘Nothing is as simple as turning on and off a light, and thus Cure and Se7en offer a bad compromise between impossible alternatives.’

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