Switching Erg mode off enables you to self-select your own power output throughout the test.

ERG mode was switched on, so during the warm up I kept to the prescribed wattages on screen, however once the 20min FTP test started I peddled at a pace I thought I could hold and didn’t pay attention to the terrain on Zwift (mainly staring at the timer, wishing for it to hurry down).

Should I do this test in ERG mode?

So, use ERG mode for the right specific training sessions and don’t ride all your workouts in the ERG mode if your training for La Marmotte. Give ERG mode a spin! If a smart trainer is left in Erg mode during the testing portion(s) of a 20- and 8-Minute test, the workout will lock you in at your current fitness level instead of allowing you to pace the duration of the test interval at your own power target.

But science and coaches alike will tell you that all the workouts can boost your fitness.

When determining your current FTP with our FTP Test, Erg mode needs to be off. Below you’ll find one workout and one training plan for the erg-mode.

Then, it’s a matter of finding your gearing/cadence which could well involve a bit of shifting.

Pour plus d'informations concernant le protocole FTP voir la traduction en français de la RFC (Request For Comments ou demande de commentaires). On test day, find the TrainingPeaks Custom Workouts Menu (bottom of list).

Why Erg Mode is Bad for the 8- and 20-Minute FTP Tests. ERG mode, which is a checkbox option when you go to select a Zwift workout, makes you pedal precisely at the power levels laid out by the workout you choose. February 2019. Give ERG mode a spin! I have set it to erg mode in auto and also changed the power setting from 5 to 3 as I hear this helps with wheel based trainers. On test day, find the TrainingPeaks Custom Workouts Menu (bottom of list). If the rider can avoid the "Spiral of Death" (failure to continue to spin the pedals), they should get a 2% bump in FTP. Just keep your cadence at a desired number and the erg mode will make sure you train correctly. How to Nail Your Next FTP Test. And every additional second counts! But anyway - my questions is when i do the ramp test in erg mode i try keep a smooth and constant cadence at between 87 - 90 rpm until i hit failure, thats when i end the test. It means that someone else is setting the tempo and you basically just follow.

The whole idea of doing a power test like Rubber Glove is to determine the absolute maximum effort you can sustain, allowing you to set your FTP for future suffering.

If reducing your cadence or shifting while in Erg mode causes pedaling to become extremely difficult for you during your FTP test, the solution is simple: start backpedaling for 10 or so seconds to make the trainer realize you aren’t pressing on the pedals at all, then start pedaling forward at a quick cadence. ERG mode is like a team time trial in which you are not the best rider. When run in Erg mode, Zwift will force the rider to hold onto 107% of their current FTP for just over 20 minutes. Wingate 30 Second workout. Using an ant+ dongle on my laptop and also tried moving it within 2 feet of the trainer as a test but no luck . When run in Erg mode, Zwift will force the rider to hold onto 107% of their current FTP for just over 20 minutes.

If you perform a workout on a percentage of your FTP for example, the erg mode makes sure you will hit the desired power output by adjusting the resistance based on your cadence. The issue with ERG mode is that The Sufferfest Training Centre sets the power targets for all of the efforts in a workout based on your current FTP. 0. Posts. FTP Testing - Turn Erg Mode Off. The accuracy of the test is based on a very controlled progression of effort until failure but the calculation is only based on the last 60 seconds of the test.

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