Arabic is the official language of Israel along with Hebrew.

Although it is impossible to include Israel’s full story on a small card, we have …

The Israel Trail is not a particularly long trail by international standards.

The Land of Israel, also known as the Holy Land or Palestine, is the birthplace of the Jewish people, the place where the final form of the Hebrew Bible is thought to have been compiled, and the birthplace of … 32. Part of the animosity and contention that plagues Israel is due to the fact that the country, the city of Jerusalem to be exact, is … It is also the world’s youngest state. What is Israel’s official name.

For 70 years, Israel has faced overwhelming odds and miraculously triumphed. The descendants of Abraham formed a nation (Israel… 70 Surprising Facts About Israel As Israel celebrates 70 years of independence, we are delighted to share in the celebration by highlighting its important contributions to the world in technology, medicine, science, music, art and culture. 1. Israel has land borders with Lebanon to the north, Syria to the northeast, Jordan on the east, the Palestinian territories of the West Bank and Gaza Strip to the east and west, respectively, and Egypt … The history of Israel confirms this thought; Jacob’s descendants, the twelve tribes of Israel (the Hebrew Israelites) have suffered but prevailed for 3,000 years. Fun Facts about Israel Birthplace/Home of Three Religions. In 1992, Israel … Israel is the only country in the world that has a mandatory military service requirement for women. The only one outside Israel is in Bueños Aires. Israel is a nation in the Middle East, but is unlike any other nation in the region. Official languages in Israel are Hebrew and Arabic. Jerusalem's Mount of Olives is the world's oldest continuously used cemetery.. 34. Israel's population was 8.1 million people in 2013 and 6.04 million are Jewish. Israel's population was 8.1 million people in 2013 and 6.04 million are Jewish .

Jerusalem is the seat of government and the proclaimed capital, although the latter status has not received wide international recognition. Learn more about Israel, including its history.

The official name of Israel is “Medinat Yisra’el” or internationally, The State of Israel.
Almost all the other citizens of Israel … Bonus Basic Israel Facts.

Israel is the only country to revive an unspoken language and establish it as its national tongue.. 33.
Almost 9 million people live in Israel. Facts about Israel whose banknotes have Braille markings on them so the blind can “read” them. Established on May 14, 1948, Israel is the Middle East’s only liberal democracy and is also the one sole Jewish state in the world. Pin For Later:

Israel is the only Jewish country, and Jews all over the world think of Israel as their spiritual home. There is a section in Jewish known as Neturei Karta which supports Palestine and they are in the favours of … Almost all the other citizens of … It’s known informally as simply Israel by most … The country is known for its rich history and culture, diverse geographical features, and scientific and …

Israel at 70 Facts - Christians United for Israel. Look for interesting stories about …

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