(Daniel Case/ CC BY SA 3.0 ) Bethsaida is frequently mentioned in the Bible’s New Testament and is famously the city from where Jesus’ apostles Philip, Andrew, and Peter came. passage; revolution. This site is located on the Golan heights, above the north-east side of the sea of Galilee. Golan (Hebrew: גּולן; Arabic: جولان‎ Gōlān or Jōlān) is the name of a biblical town later known from the works of Josephus (first century CE) and Eusebius […] Golan Heights, hilly area overlooking the upper Jordan River valley on the west. Sea of Galilee and southern Golan Heights, from Umm Qais, Jordan. The Golan Heights is a plateau of rolling plains along northeastern Israel that descend to the shores of the Sea of Galilee. But it was the left wing Israeli Prime Minister, Yitzhak Rabin, who … The Golan Heights remains one of Israel’s most strategic locations for national security. In Bible versions: Golan: NET AVS NIV NRSV NASB TEV a city of refuge in Manasseh (Golan), given to the Gershonites .

It was on The Golan Heights that Jesus taught and demonstrated His Messiahship in powerful ways.

For other uses, see Golan (disambiguation).
The Golan is only 60 miles from Haifa and the lofty slopes of Mount Hermon, the highest point in the region, have been the eyes and ears of Israel.

Ruins of a Byzantine village located in the southern Golan heights. Jesus calmed a great storm, cast a legion of demons out of a man, and fed 5,000 people with 5 loaves of bread. The area was part of extreme southwestern Syria until 1967, when it came under Israeli military occupation, and in December 1981 Israel unilaterally annexed the part of the Golan it held.

Ripe with history, rivers, trails, outdoor activities and amenable soil, the area is a popular destination for outdoors enthusiasts, campers and wine buffs.

For the geographical region, see Golan Heights. Read Amos 4:1-2; … Em-Hakshatot. NETBible Maps: Map2 A4; OT4 D3; OT5 D3. This site is the ruins of an Arab village which was built on top of a Roman synagogue.

The Golan Heights were officially annexed to Israel in 1980. Walking through the ruins brings the sensations of living in the Biblical times. Golan Heights – Jesus and his disciples often sailed to the other side of the sea (the east side) which is the Golan Heights.

And yet, to visitors and tourists, the plateau represents a magnificent opportunity to explore some of Israel’s most historic places and scenic panoramas. Synonyms: גּוֹלָן Golan (Wikipedia) This article is about the ancient city and its immediate surroundings.
Devotional Thought for the Golan Heights.

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