Nothing they do is wrong, so they tend to fall in line and back up MIL.

We grow mentally unwell – prey to underconfidence, anxiety, paranoia and shame – because, somewhere in the past, we were denied the necessary warmth, care and sympathy.

Up the ante and make it much harder for them at times. Both are projections of the narcissist parent (or parents), false identities assigned to children who do their best with the roles cast them. The scapegoat is the cause of all the ills of the family, and the golden child is exalted, lavished with attention and praise. Some patients with Goldenhar syndrome will require assistance as they grow by means of hearing aids or glasses. I got away the second I could (I went a school in a different state that my parents didn't want me to go and thought I was too dumb - so much for being a golden child- to get into) and never looked back. She was a sweet child but extremely needy. The Golden Child, as the name suggests, is the best and most wonderful child – at least in the eyes of the Narcissistic Mother.

Another child, usually the one most closely resembling the narcissistic parent or the one who best serves the parent’s need for narcissistic supply, may become the Golden Child–in other words, the parent’s favorite. Up the ante and make it much harder for them at times.

Everything is their fault.

NPD mother has 2 actual blood children and 4 blood grand children and 1 great grand child, yet the un-related golden child and her 2 un-related children are treated like gold literally. Jocasta Complex: Opposite of Oedipus Complex.

Individuation means stepping out on one’s own to define who they are for themselves, not according to anyone else. The Golden Child can do … r/Gifted: A resource center for parents and educators of gifted children, gifted youth, and gifted adults. The Golden Child can do no wrong.

My sister, who's the middle child, is the GC. I suspect the golden child is also a Narcissist gaining pleasure from our pain. I was the golden child and had to wrestle every inch of freedom I could from my mom. Golden child syndrome leaves an individual feeling like anything but an individual, because psychologically and developmentally, the golden child has never been given the opportunity to individuate. I was wondering if we could recognize a pattern in all of our stories about how the GC turned out. Scapegoats suffer decades of all sorts of abuse. The Golden Child may be you or a sibling.

Your child with Goldenhar syndrome should continue to be monitored by an orthopaedic physician into adulthood.

Whats gets me is the goldren child happily takes it all without refusal or question, knowing the trouble its causing. Only child syndrome signs. The golden child and narcissistic parent are always the ringleaders in family mobbing against the scapegoat.

Stem cell grafting (womb tissue grafting) has been successfully used to "reprogram" eye dermoids, effectively halting the regrowth of eye dermoids. The golden child will rage at their siblings, laugh at them in a condescending manner; use them when they please, and reject them if they suddenly need help, support, or empathy. S/he would be a little genius in mathematics, a genius in literature, and foreign languages.

#1 Sharing isn’t their thing. Going to school would never be a problem or a nightmare for the golden child. S/he loves studying.
If your child had spinal fusion surgery, he or she will need to see the orthopaedic surgeon about one to two weeks after surgery, then again at three and six months post-surgery.

The Scapegoat is always wrong, bad, stupid, crazy, a “problem,” etc.

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