Well,gravity’s a funny thing. G = gravitational constant = 6.67 x 10^(-11) N*kg^2/m^2 M = mass of lensing object, in kg D = distance from us to lens (and lens to source), in m c = speed of light = 3 … Hubble was the first telescope to resolve details within these multiple banana-shaped arcs. Gravitational lensing is the bending of light by massive objects in between the observer (us), and a background source of light.

Galaxy cluster Abell 383 is a gravitational lens. Main goals are the detection and classification of variable stars (pulsating and eclipsing), discoveries of the microlensing events, dwarf novae, studies of the Galaxy structure and the Magellanic Clouds. A gravitational lens is formed when the light from a very distant, bright object (such as a quasar) is "bent" around a massive object (such as a massive galaxy) between the bright object and the viewer.The process is known as gravitational lensing, and was one of the predictions made by … Thanks for A2A. The effect is analogous to that produced by a lens. The large distance to recombination means that each Gravitational lens, matter that through the bending of space in its gravitational field alters the direction of light passing nearby. The Optical Gravitational Lensing Experiment (OGLE) is a Polish astronomical project based at the University of Warsaw that runs a long-term variability sky survey (1992-present).

Gravitational lensing distorts our view of the last-scattering sur-face, generating new non-Gaussian signals and B-mode polar-ization, as well as smoothing the shape of the observed power spectra. Not only does it tug away at you, me, planets, moons and stars, but it can even bend light itself.

One of the most remarkable predictions of Einstein’s theory of general relativity is that gravity bends light. And once you’re bending light, well, you’ve got yourself a telescope. The gravitational lensing results in multiple images of the original galaxy each with a characteristically distorted banana-like shape or even into rings. In Einstein's general theory of relativity, the gravitational redshift is the phenomenon that clocks deeper in a gravitational well tick slower when observed from outside the well.

As explained in (Shapiro, 1964), since the speed of light is less when it is traveling through a gravitational eld, we can determine the additional time it needs to travel relatively to the time needed to cover the same distance in a vacuum. More specifically the term refers to the shift of wavelength of a photon to longer wavelength (the red side in an optical spectrum) when observed from a point at a higher gravitational potential.

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