First Name. Success! The passport stamps look like the round portion of a postal cancellation. Campground Details. Contact. Gulf Islands Annual Pass. What is it that entices people to the sea?


Location. The national seashore was authorized on January 8, 1971, and is administered by the National Park Service. Gulf Islands National Seashore - 25th Anniversary Stamp.

Sign Up. Combined with historical attractions—such as old military forts scattered across the islands—they make this park a must-see getaway spot for any park enthusiast.

The "Passport to Your National Parks" program was created by Eastern National Parks Association (EN) and launched in 1986. Passport To Your National Parks Cancellation Station Locations Updated 10/01/19 New listings are in red While nearly all parks in the National Park System participate in the Passport program, participation is voluntary. The pin highlights the stunning, sandy, white beaches and the wildlife that live on the ever-changing shores.
Stay connected and get stamped! Whether you visit the seashore for a day or a week there are many activities and places to explore. Last Name.

Wear the heart of the Gulf Islands on your sleeve and it'll be sure to spark a conversation or two on your next outing. Three are located in Florida, and one is located in Mississippi. EN provides passport cancellation stampers to sites administered by the U. S. National Park Service (NPS), NPS affiliated sites, national heritage areas, and national trails. The Gulf Islands National Seashore is a treasure - great white sandy beaches with easy access, lovely views, and abundant sea life.

Gulf Islands NS Virtual Tour ... Take a virtual tour of Gulf Island s National Seashore, ... Sign up to receive e a weekly newsletter with the free eBook of the week, newest virtual Passport cancellations, and other bonus national park content delivered straight to your inbox.

Entrance Fees. Passport To Your National Parks® is helping ... Take a virtual tour of Gulf Island s National Seashore, ... newest virtual Passport cancellations, and other bonus national park content delivered straight to your inbox. Entrance fees are required for most Gulf Islands National Seashore areas and are good for one to seven consecutive days. Learn more about park campgrounds before heading to to make your reservation.

Follow Passport on Social Media. Belonging to the coastlines of two states—Mississippi and Florida—Gulf Islands National Seashore spans 160 miles in the Gulf of Mexico. Contact parks directly for the exact location of their Cancellation Station.

Success! Gulf Islands National Seashore - 25th Anniversary Stamp - NPS Passport Cancellation Stations on . View waymark gallery. 26 Restaurants within 0.3 miles. Last Name. in NPS Passport Cancellation Stations. Gulf Islands National Seashore Passport Cancellation Stamps Here are some national park passport cancellation stamps and bonus stamps collected from Gulf Islands National Seashore in far western Florida and southeastern Mississippi. Passport books, sold at Eastern National park stores and, provide a place for park visitors to collect National Park cancellation stamps.Over 1,300,000 Passport books have been sold.

Purchase your Gulf Islands National Seashore Annual Pass and have it mailed to you by visiting Website +1 850-934-2600.

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