Walkthrough - Hollow Bastion. After leaving Space Paranoids, it’s time to access Ansem’s computer. Both Donald and Goofy are absent in this battle, so that means Sora will be fighting alone. Kingdom Hearts Wiki Guide.

After the scene, head back into the study to meet with King Mickey. You also get a map and some Torn Pages here, but you need to clear the 1,000 Heartless Battle, watch the cutscenes, and re-enter Hollow Bastion before you can return to the 100 Acre Wood. He’s got some rather important news regarding the Organization and the situation in town!

Home / Walkthroughs / KINGDOM HEARTS II Final Mix / Kingdom Hearts II > Walkthroughs: Hollow Bastion II [kh2walkthrunav] World Under Attack. Page Tools. Upon entering the Bastion, jump and glide across the platforms to make it to the castle in the distance.

Traverse Town / Hollow Bastion Again . Top Contributors: lmayberry13, Jason Burton, IGN-GameGuides + more.

Last Edited: 14 Oct 2013 5:59 am.

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