When you’re a witch, a sorceress, an empath, and a magical being – the whole universe opens up to you. To you, a witch is very clear cut: either you rock a sparkly dress and you’re a “good witch” or you’re lying dead under a house and you’re a “bad witch.” I refuse to subscribe to a binary definition of a witch and am suggesting that you may be one, not fit into either category and not even know you’re a witch.

You’re not sure how you do it, but you know when your magnetic power is working.

[ report this test] The Are you is the witch Test. You know that you aren't like the others and you're not focused on using loads and loads of makeup, although you're always fabulous anyways. The truth is, most witches are nature loving and earth protecting people that wouldn't hurt a fly. Find out how true of a witch you are with this quiz! Take the test and get to know your inner witch! Are you a natural born witch? Park. 9. Unique/Follow your own path in life.

You’ll be the girl every guy wants to bang and who they want to be. From flying monkeys to warty noses, witches have been misunderstood by a great majority. Obviously, you’re a witch. If you enjoy dressing differently than others, this is a sign you're a witch. How do you fit into society? Club. I can feel powerful energy coming from them and other parts of nature- it makes me afraid. Whether you know it or not, everyone has an inner witch inside of them--well, almost everyone.

this test will show are you is the witch .If you are believe that magic stick around of you .This is fun test I hope you to enjoy and happy with these test .I you found I do something wrong in this test I'm so sorry .And I won't make it again let's do this test go!!! Take care... ONLY take this quiz if you are a real witch. One of the main rules of magic is that it always comes with a price. Perhaps you have a few abilities and you don't even know it. Other people will look at you like a goddess. Secluded. It is a spiritual practice influenced by many religions. If you were a witch which of the two would you be? You're naturally talented at healing, or you're interested in this topic. We Know What Kind of Witch You Are. Go underground! Super popular.

I despise cats. Fun. Unfortunately, having magic powers is something you’re born with, not something you can learn. When a bad storm is about to hit, how do you feel? We Can Tell If You’d Be a Muggle or a Wizard in the ‘Harry Potter’ Universe. [ report this test] The Are you is the witch Test. Are you a natural wiccan?

Library . Ahem, remember the Salem Witch Trials? ... Also known as “charging,” this test involved forcing the accused witch to verbally order the devil to let the possessed victim come out of their fit or trance. I love animals! Take this quiz to find out if you have what it takes to become a Wicca witch!

Do you know what kind of witch you are at heart?

You live life on your own terms. Nature. 8.

Yes. Powerful/Excited.

Are you a REAL witch? This test is not based on any scientific study whatsoever. I knew I was a witch, I practice witchcraft, I have a book of shadows, and a spell book. If you know this path is for you and you’re excited to dive in and learn all the things about being a witch, then I’d like to invite you to come join me in the Starlight Coven!. 16 Comments. About the Author:

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