You need to pray against those demonic dreams and even sometimes pray and fast until you feel a relief; until you feel in your spirit that you have overcome the purpose of the devil.

It usually always accompanies fear of some sort or kind.

Much like the freezer spell, a magical binding is simply a spell or working that restrains someone metaphysically, preventing that person from doing something. Some of them have doubt on the existence of witchcraft, this is a huge world and it existed in the past so exist now.

If you believe He can do that, accept Him as your savior and know that all you have to do is repent of your sins, ask for the blood of Christ to cleanse you and declare that you are a child OF GOD and that you bind the works of witchcraft.

All you need to do is chant while painfully thinking about someone who hurt you. People do not change their thinking and they simply avoid hearing about the witchcraft. Let’s start with what to do when you have demonic dreams. It can come from people who are using their will and intent to cause you harm, or it can come from someone astral traveling to your location to do witchcraft on you. Witchcraft Spell To Make Someone Love You This spell will allow you to use witchcraft to make the object of your desire fall deeply in love with you. There are love spells that work by bending people’s free will, but if you want to do that, then you don’t truly love that person in the first place. Praying like this is dangerous.

Those people who are hurt by someone can teach him a lesson if they cast a spell on someone who hurt you. Fear can allow the enemy to get right into the soul, when he otherwise cannot do so legally. Anyone can do witchcraft, and it is not limited to only witches , etc. he doesnt know who done it but he knows that whoever it was put a spell on him. If someone hurt you, you can sermon the evil guardian to seek revenge on your behalf. Pray and the Holy Spirit will guide you and protect you.

You just have to protect and defend you.

You may want to do workings to ensure the protection of home, property, and people.

Believe in what you say and ask the evil guardian to make their enemy feel bad for what they did to you.

There are a number of simple ways you can do protection spells.

we would like to kknow if anyone could help us figure out how to make them stop and how to stop the spell. my boyfriend has been having alot of problems since last year. 2. he says its like someone makes him do things that he doesnt want to do.

The following are some very helpful things to keep in mind when dealing with witchcraft: 1.

To do this, you should have good patience level and obey the rituals that can get positive results after you cast a spell on someone who hurt you.

It opens doors to the enemy to operate in your life, and God can't honor a spirit of manipulation.

DO NOT GIVE INTO FEAR. Witchcraft can manifest it’s self in several ways. In such a case, casting a … Prayers like this are commonly referred to as witchcraft prayers becauseit's like you're trying to speak incantations over a person to conjure up the result you want.

If you want to know more about doing witchcraft, you need to find someone who has experience in it and talk to them about learning.

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