Thick. Saturn's Atmosphere: Saturn's features are hazy because its atmosphere is thicker. On Saturn, the low mass means lighter gravity and the atmosphere is thicker at 300 km from top to bottom. It is not as thick as the atmosphere of a gas giant. Wiki User 2012-05-02 21:24:37. Like Jupiter and Saturn, an envelope of hydrogen and helium lies below the thin upper layers of Uranus' atmosphere. But enhanced-colour images allow us to study the bands across which run parallel to the equator much like Jupiter's, indicating violent winds.
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Saturn's atmosphere, although similar to Jupiter's, is much less interesting to look at from a distance.

Is saturns atmosphere thick? thick Saturn's atmosphere is extremely thick and in fact it is so thick that you'd get crushed if you entered. Its pressure is much higher as well due to the high mass of the planet and its atmosphere and the strong gravity. Much thicker, almost certainly at least as thick as the diameter of the earth. Related Questions. There has the second biggest atmosphere. On Uranus , though, the layer of hydrogen and helium is not as thick as on the larger planets, extending perhaps only one-fifth of the distance down from its cloudtops. On Jupiter, its mass is greater, therefore its gravity is higher and the atmosphere is compressed to 75 km in thickness. Almost as thick as Jupiters! Saturns largest moon is Titan. Oh, yes it is! Wiki User 2009-01-28 00:08:14. Related Questions. Mercury has almost no atmosphere at all, while Venus has a thick atmosphere. It varies. Is it a thick or thin atmosphere for Saturn?

Saturn's atmosphere is thick. It is unique a it has a thick atmosphere - no other moon in our solar system has such a thick atmosphere.

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