Many astrology sources focus on Venus and Mars in the chart to signify relationships.

They have a way of infusing others with confidence as well. This person will be child like in many ways and have a child like charm about them.

This is ultimately the message of the North Node in Leo.

Your focus is on becoming all that you can become and finding the faith and conviction to stand tall in both your talents and your attributes. Your partner will not exactly be “homebound” like a Cancer but will value family and children much. What does it mean for you.
Juno in Fire Signs: Relationships with excitement that also involve independence (Aries), admiration (Leo), and unified vision (Sagittarius) are all main motivators for partnerships.

Venus and Mars Want to Date — Juno Wants to Mate. Juno in Leo: Your soul mate could have lots of star quality and be a leader in some way.

Someone who is consistent and in need for attention from you.

If you ever embarrass her in public, be prepared for the cold shoulder afterwards.

The effect of Juno in Leo generally brings a spouse who is energetic, sociable, full of life and “the flirting type”. How to find out more: The infographic above can only hint at the deeper understanding of your Ceres in Leo that astrology has to offer. Juno in Leo / 5th House - your partner is someone who is breathing and living embodiment of a Hollywood movie character.

Keep an eye on passion that leads too far into drama or becomes destructive . When working the negative, this Juno is too vain to be of aid to others. A bit lazy and a bit arrogant and loud perhaps, but lots of fun to be around. She tends to marry radiant, larger-than-life types who can be domineering behind the scenes. Juno in Virgo glories in the details, in organization, in the harvest; on the down side, she may nitpick and communicate only through criticism.

Your mission is to help others learn the need for healthy ego, self belief and leadership. Juno in Leo shines through the identity, acting as example and illuminator. Juno in Leo: Your partner will be creative, egotistical, energetic, and full of life. Juno in Libra: Your partner will be attractive, loving, sociable, and well-mannered. Ceres in Leo takes pride in nurturing others. They are cheerful and optimistic, at least in public. Juno in Leo: Your soul mate could have lots of star quality and be a leader in some way. Under such a positioning, your first love affair can lead to marriage. Juno in the astrological chart describes your style of relating, compatibility, and intimacy needs, specifically in the context of a primary relationship or marriage. Juno in Leo expects that her marriage and her partner must look good. Next Post: Juno in Cancer. They desire to talk to their partner about the everyday activities and plans and the activities they will participate together or separately. Someone who is proud and loves to show how much they love you. Juno in Gemini indicates the need for verbal stimulation and communication in a relationship. He might work in the health field. We will be all affected by the Nodal sift. Last time we had the Nodes in Leo/Aquarius was from September 1998 to April 2000. Juno in Virgo: Your partner will be hard-working, health-conscious, and critical. If Vesta is in Leo, you protect the flame of joy, love and healthy ego. They provide a living example of the self-assured personality. A bit lazy and a bit arrogant and loud perhaps, but lots of fun to be around.

... Juno in Leo.

This person will be child like in many ways and have a child like charm about them.
He or she may have strong ideas about children. Go back to 1999, 1980, 1962, years when we had the Nodes in Leo/Aquarius to get a feeling about what to expect in the next 1 year and a half.

Leo Ceres Sign. Her energy is applicable for men or women. While they aren't the best at nurturing emotionally, they are dedicated.

To find out more about Ceres in Leo (in your chart or in the chart of someone you share a home with or care about), get this teleclass recording: Ceres in Leo Teleclass Video.

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