I did not carry a Laugavegur Trail map with me and felt that the trail is quite obvious to follow. As the trail descends towards the sea you follow a gorge covered in moss that then turns into a waterfall. I was on Day 3 of the Laugavegur Trail. When to go. If you have never hiked in pouring, sideways rain, I suggest you do it before flying to Iceland and planning a whole trip around a trek you might not even enjoy. Here are 10 reasons to hike one of the best trails in world.

Unlike the huts, you don’t need to reserve your campsite in advance, affording you flexibility while hiking. Inga writes about her Laugavegur trip and how she experienced the wonders of the unique Laugavegur trail. The first was about our actual hike, and this one is geared towards how to prepare to do the trek. The Laugavegur trail is Iceland’s most famous and most visited hiking trail and often receives international acclaim for being one of the world’s best trails. World → Europe → Iceland → Laugavegur One of the best hikes in the world is the Laugavegur (Landmannalaugar to Skógar route) The main shopping street in Reykjavík is also called Laugavegur. Both can be very busy. Book Your Huts for the Laugavegur Trek. It's the most famous trail in Iceland by far. For our first official blog post we will start with an intro to Iceland’s most famous hiking trail: The Laugavegur Trail. Blog about hiking the Laugavegur trail. The End of The Laugavegur Trail . Landmannalaugar. The weather is what makes this trek dangerous and possibly not even fun.

This is the second part of a two-part blog series on the Laugavegur Trail. For peace of mind, you could always purchase a Laugavegur Trail Map beforehand and bring it with you. Not only do you have constantly shifting landscapes, from the rainbow-striped mounds of the highlands in Landmannalaugar to the psychedelic greens of Þórsmörk, but ever-changing conditions as well. 3. The trail connects the Landmannalaugar and Þórsmörk Nature Reserves and offers a variety of different landscapes along the way. Source: Nordic Adventure Travel. The Laugavegur Trail is an easy hike, fitness-wise.

First, there is camping available at every hut along the trail, making easy to customize your itinerary.

Hiking Laugavegur Trail, Iceland's Hot Spring Route, is an unforgettable experience. AT A GLANCE Iceland's best hike weird and wonderful landscapes best route is Landmannalaugar - Skógar…

And that’s how the rest of the trail is for the next few hours. in Adventure Travel , Backpacking , Europe , Travel , Trekking , Uncategorized . It's quite humbling and scary to see the memorials to deceased hikers along the way.

The Laugavegur Hiking Trail is Iceland’s most famous hiking trail and truly one of the world’s most beautiful treks. The Laugavegur Trek is so beautiful because of the ever-changing landscapes that you go through, and the end (or beginning, depending on which way you start) is my favourite part. No wonder National Geographic ranked this trail in their top 20 in the world. As soon as you know approximately where you’ll be trekking each day, you should book your huts. Think about when you want to do the trek. We chose to camp along the Laugavegur Trail and we highly recommend it to others for a number of reasons. We went at the end of August, which turned out great for us. The Laugavegur Trail in Iceland is one of the most unique and visually stimulating trails in the world. The Laugavegur is a 54 km well marked trail in the highlands of Iceland which starts in Landmannalaugar and ends in Þórsmörk.

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