It is unknown where her parents are. Little Bill Glover 79 Bobby Glover 17 April Glover 10 Fuchsia Glover 6 Kiku Wong 17 Andrew Mulligan 10 The poll was created at 19:13 on March 6, 2015, and so far 139 people voted.

She is a member of Little Bill's class. In "Racing Time" it is revealed she has a cat named "Big Debbie." She loves nature (particularly flowers) and origami (her maternal grandmother, Ms. Natsuko, showed Little Bill how to make origami in the episode "Shipwreck Saturday"). 1 Little Bill Glover; 2 April Glover; 3 Big Bill Glover (character) Explore Wikis Wubbzypedia.

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Monty's Roar . Little Bill would say that she is the nicest of his friends.

Rate. Rate. She’s the niece of Big Bill and Brenda Glover. Rate. 1. 8.

Rate. 7. Overview. Her father is Al Glover and her mother Vanessa Glover. 5 Sep. 2000 Elephant on the Loose/If a Bird Rings, Answer It. Please wait, submitting your vote... Do you like the Wiki's updates? Rate. Little Bill, Fuchsia, Bobby, April, Kiku, Andrew.

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10. Kiku: Kiku is a Japanese-American friend of Little Bill's. Rate. While Kiku and Little Bill are making the Moby Kite, Kiku contributes her necktie to be used for the kite's tail, but when we see them start to fly the kite, Kiku is wearing it again, yet the kite still has the tail. Kiku is kind to everybody and always fair. Rate.

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She is voiced by Eunice Cho. She and Little Bill are in the same kindergarten class and they play together. This article or section is in need of editing. 0. Little Bill's drawn a picture book and made up a special adventure story for him.

Kiku Wong/Appearances < Kiku Wong. Camila Cabello Wiki. Guppies; The Campout; Chicken Pox; Shipwreck Saturday ; Natural Root Pals; The Choice; Monty's Roar; Season 2.

S2, Ep2. 4. Family. Kiku Episodes. Rate.


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Rate. Born. When Friends Get Mad (cameo) Monty is one of Little Bill's friends. Ready, Set, Read! ... More Little Bill Wiki. Yes 67 No 12... Who is your favorite character?

AKK: Nick Jr Little Bill slips and spills water - Duration: 0:15.



Cole Hawkins. She was voiced by Eunice Cho and later Emily Cleckner. Little Bill Glover 79 Bobby Glover 17 April Glover 10 Fuchsia Glover 6 Kiku Wong 17 Andrew Mulligan 10 The poll was created at 19:13 on March 6, 2015, and so … Edit. Gender. 1994. Kiku Wong (born February 21, 1994) is a 5-year-old Japanese-American girl. Little Bill would say she is the nicest of his friends, if somewhat eccentric. Emmaline (grandmother) Voiced by. Fuchsia Glover is the cousin and best female friend of Little Bill, April Glover and Bobby Glover. Buds; The Wrong Thing to Do; Are We There Yet; Miss Murray's Wedding; The Birthday Party; Big Kid; The Practice; Season 3. Season 1. 2. He has cerebral palsy and stationed on a wheelchair, His grandmother Emmaline is friends with Alice the Great. 0.

In fact, her ability to remember the rules of the games they play has saved many a friendship. Little Bill, Andrew, Kiku and Fuchsia can't wait to meet their favorite superhero, Captain Brainstorm, at the mall. Last Appearance. Kiku is very cautious and sensitive when it comes to nature, seen in the episode "Buds". First Appearance. Male. How is it in two places at once? Explore properties.

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