To ensure safety, all organic food products should be produced and processed according to USDA set […] This results in more of that crop, which makes the price drop. A lot of people choose organic food because they think it tastes better compared to non-organic produce.

2. What Are the Cons of Conventional Farming? Organic Food vs.

Jan 14, 2017 Jul 14, 2016 by Green Garage. Healthier to consume Proponents may claim that organic foods are more nutritious than the non-organic variety, but scientific studies showed that there is little difference in nutrient content, except for phosphorus and total polyphenols, which are significantly higher. Organic foods are free of harmful pesticides, antibiotics, GMOs, and additives. Organic production uses fewer and less effective controls for weed, disease and insect management. The Pros And Cons Of Organic Food 807 Words | 4 Pages. Conventional farming practices were established to meet – and, in an ideal scenario, exceed – the nutritional demands of a population.

Also, pesticides kill the beneficial bugs such as, ladybugs and bees, which help carry pollen. ... conventional pros. According to farmers who practice conventional farming, one of its benefits is the cheaper costs of using this ... 2.

Nowadays children in the U.S. rely too much on fast food and conventional foods which contribute to higher rates of childhood obesity and related health issues. Once thought to be the preserve of the wealthy or eco-eccentrics, organic food is going mainstream with many people from across the spectrum wishing to purchase organic food. This means that more of that product will survive. Pros and cons of eating organic over conventional: Pros: Organic farming is usually healthier for farm workers. 1. It potentially harms the soil. The debate should be entirely about environmental differences. Conventional farming takes a toll on the soil that is able to produce crops. ... Healthier Alternative to Conventional Food 14 Far-Reaching Pros and Cons of Organic Food. One disadvantage of conventional food is pesticide use in agriculture.Pesticides drive away bugs; which increase product outcome, yet some pesticides leave harmful residues on the crops. Scientists are still debating the pros and cons of organic farming in comparison to conventional farming, and there is plenty of information you can read online. Lesser Costs, Higher Gains. ... some scientific research has found that organic food is no safer or more nutritious than food produced by conventional means. 2. People have been demanding for organic foods since they believe grown and processed firm products are healthy.

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