Regulus Black turns out to be a great distraction. Regulus knew that there would be no scratch on the locket. Author's Notes: My attempt at humour that ends up being rather angsty. Word Count: 10.433 Summary: James is frustrated with his life – especially with his love life. Author's Notes: Written for the Rare Pair Fest at mwpp_mischief.The prompt was dirty little secret, and apparently I was in a porny mood. Sirius was carted off to Azkaban, and Regulus was left with a bawling infant. Being very close to Regulus Black made her close to his older brother Sirius. Things aren’t always the perfect love story when Cora takes a liking for Sirius and his friends

Cora Beckett, A slytherin pureblood is awfully close with the Black family. Warnings for PG-ish crush sort of incest. AU Early in the war against Voldemort, Regulus makes a terrifying discovery that will prompt him to ask for Sirius' help. It was strong, but Dumbledore was stronger. Sirius could give it to Dumbledore. Sirius' thoughts drifted away from the locket at this comment. He dragged it out, moving it spasmodically towards his face. Rated for some aggressive language. Halfway there, it slipped from his fingers, clattering against the cold ground. Boo. As he went to confront Pettigrew, he temporarily entrusted his ex-Death Eater brother, Regulus, with Harry. Title: The Hard Way Pairing: James/Regulus Rating: NC-17 Warnings: Dub-con, underage. Regulus's shaking fingers found the chain in his pocket. His survival will change the course of a war, and the fate of the House of Black. With the help of Andromeda and Ted Tonks, Regulus was able to gain full guardianship over Harry. No spoilers in this one, really. "Oh, yes, Master Sirius can," he replied harshly. "If Regulus decided to go and get … Title: How Tuesdays Work Author: takewing Fandom: Harry Potter Characters: Sirius/Regulus Prompt: For fanfic100: 091, Birthday Word Count: 1845 Rating: PG Summary: Sirius gives Regulus an unexpected gift for his birthday. Kreacher, yet again, stated his reason for paying a visit to Sirius so late in the night. On October 31, 1981, Sirius Black refused to give up his godson. It has the most believable way that Regulus avoids detection from Voldemort, and it's rather entertaining thinking of Regulus somehow getting along with Muggles for several years (though considering how he had no real friends during that time, it was more of a truce than anything else). When Sirius gives his family the slip on a cold Christmas Eve, he gets more than he'd ever imagined in the form of an information-soaked dagger. Two Brothers, where Regulus goes to Sirius for help. And then there's the matter of his bodyguard, a boy who bears him a striking resemblance.

"Master Sirius cannot let Master Regulus die!"

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