You just need to buy an RGB SCART cable for the SNES and you're good to go. All model 1 SNES systems (including the 1CHIP) output RGB without a modification.

However I believe this 1chip mod simply puts it on par with the SNES minis's rgb quality, which is the highest in the SNES hardware realm. Maybe I'm misunderstanding what it is you're looking for, but you don't need a mod to use RGB from the SNES/SFC, it's supported natively. SNES Mini / Famicom Jr. systems require modifications for both csync output and RGB output (please see the SNES Mini RGB mod page for RGB info). Summary: – If you don’t “need” a model 1, just get a SNES Mini and either mod it for RGB, or send it out to be modded. SNES 1CHIP SPDIF Digital Audio Mod. SNES 1CHIP RGB Amp Bypass – Pre-Made THS7314 Chip. You’ll have to start by finding a SNES with the correct motherboard though: Finding the 1CHIP SNES:

Voultar's SNES THS7374 R G B bypass kit is designed to output properly attenuated RGB coming directly from the 1CHIP's analog outputs. This page shows how to bypass the stock output. Please read the main 1CHIP page for more information. You can purchase an RGB cable that get sync from composite video (same cable as listed above), but I strongly recommend you connect csync instead: While all of the 1CHIP revisions output RGB without a modification (only the correct RGB SCART cable is needed), there are a few things you can do to enhance the performance of the console. This page shows installation instructions for the SNES digital audio mod. It’s been tested on all versions of the 1CHIP SNES, including 1CHIP-01, 1CHIP-02 and 1CHIP-03.

PAL and NTSC cables use different components, so you'll want to get an NTSC cable to match your SFC. – If you insist on using an original SNES 1, try to hunt down a console with a serial number that starts with “UN3” (as explained in the 1CHIP SNES section), then open it up and hope it’s a 1CHIP! I used retrorgb's n64 rgb mod info and it is definitely useful. In most cases this is not needed. As an FYI, t here are two types of audio that are not compatible with the digital audio mod: This mod is similar to the n64 mod, which amplifies the rgb signal. Features and Info: My board uses the THS7374, this offers a sharper image compared to similar products as there is no "forced" low-pass filtering to …

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