The Tsunami Warning previously issued for coastal areas of British Columbia has been CANCELLED because additional information and analysis have better defined the threat. Kerr helped develop the provincial earthquake hazard data for Greater Victoria and Richmond, which are the foundation of …
The Cascadia Subduction Zone (CSZ) "megathrust" fault is a 1,000 Km long dipping fault that stretches under the Pacific Ocean, along the west coast of North America from Northern Vancouver Island to Cape Mendocino California. coast is considered a high-risk earthquake zone. Victoria's Tsunami Hazard Map It’s important to know if you are located in a tsunami hazard zone so that you can move to a safe area in the event of a tsunami warning. Tsunami Hazard Area Maps.

The following graphics demonstrate the possible inundation areas (in PINK). Tsunami Hazard Area Maps The following graphics demonstrate the possible inundation areas (in PINK ).

! The likely threat of a Tsunami will come from a major earthquake in the Cascadia Subduction Zone. Esquimalt Map; Greater Victoria Tsunami Map Saanich Peninsula Tsunami Map Move inland out of the tsunami planning zone.

Earthquake Hazard Zones – BC.

View a video on the basics of a tsunami External website, opens in new tab The map to the right is an overview of BC flood map areas. This includes the risks of ground motion, amplification and liquefaction, as well slope information and tsunami risk. The report also offers tips on how to prepare. If you live inside these areas, you are considered in the High Risk Hazard Zone for Tsunami – and should prepare accordingly.

Listen to local media, or follow the City and the Province of BC on Twitter. There are thirteen postal codes in southwestern BC that fell into their “extreme” rating.
A major emergency or disaster in Vancouver is always a possibility.

In this research paper, we: !

click on map for a larger version . Continue to listen to instructions from local officials until the ALL CLEAR has been issued in your community. Heatmap where tsunami warnings and advisories have been issued as a result of the 7.7 magnitude earthquake which hit near Haida Gwaii. TAYLOR BEACH … The hazards we experience in Vancouver are changing due to climate change. Hazards that could affect our city. A Victoria geographer is launching an online tool today that allows home and business owners to generate earthquake hazard reports for their property based on public data.

The brochure includes maps of victorias tsunami hazard zones also available here.

The shoreline of Colwood's Esquimalt Lagoon could be subject to a tsunami which may cause cause property damage, injury or loss of life.

WEIRS BEACH AREA. How does your postal code fare?

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