It was the 106th season of the championship overall. Mick McCarthy had taken over from Jack Charlton and in his second World Cup qualification campaign he had earned … Ireland V Holland - World Cup 2002 Qualifiers Another notable match between the Irish and the Dutch was during the 2002 Word Cup qualifiers . 2000. ... 5 February – 2 April 2000: Countries England France Ireland Republic of Ireland national football team 2000s results ... Jump to navigation Jump to search. The 2000 Six Nations Championship was the first series of the rugby union Six Nations Championship, following the addition of Italy to the Five Nations.
Republic of Ireland 3–2 Czech Republic; Rada 16' … Liam Hamilton (until 1 June 2000) Ronan Keane (from 1 June 2000) Dáil: 28th; Seanad: 21st; Events February. This article contains the results of the Republic of Ireland national football team between 2000 and 2009. 11 February – the British government suspended devolution in Northern Ireland…

3 February – John Gilligan's extradition from the UK to Ireland on drug trafficking and murder charges was completed.

23 February 2000 19:30.

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