By utilizing elemental Blade Combos, Driver Combos, Fusion Combos, Elemental Orbs, and Chain Attacks in just the right way, you can pull off techniques that deal truly delightful amounts of damage. More on the former shortly. Blade Combo Guide Xenoblade Chronicles 2 ... Blade Combo Guide Blade Combo Basics and Mechanics. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 boasts an impressive number of Blade companions. An elemental damage bonus is given at the end of each stage and increases with each successive stage. Torna - The Golden Country Blade Combos, Critical Routes, and Chain Attacks Blade Combos. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 recently received its 1.4.0 patch update, and with it comes a couple of new Rare Blades, with the promise of more to come throughout the month of May. Seals are permanent debuffs that can dramatically alter the outcome of a battle. After the third stage, an element orb of the last used element is placed on an … This Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Blade Guide lists all of the rare Blades we have encountered that are featured in the Blade Album, including any information we have on recruiting the Blade for yourself. This will create a Blade Combo and it will deal a large amount of damage to the enemy. You may do any combination of elements for a full blade combo. But successfully performing a Blade Combo has many benefits, which include Elemental Orbs and Seals. Patroka - Favorite Pouch Items Blade combo is a game mechanic in which blade specials are done in sequence. A Blade Combo begins when you unleash a Special Attack of any level on an enemy. Blade Combos allow you to deal increasing amount of damage, as well as trigger special extra bonuses with your moves. There are two types of combos in Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Driver and Blade combos. How to Complete Elemental Blade Combos in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. The Blade Combo finisher is the last Special Art performed in a Blade/Elemental Combo. Blade Combos are by far the most complex element of the Xenoblade Chronicles 2 combat system. Because it should. Elemental / Blade Combo List Taken from this diagram collection , I wanted to have an easy way to look up what blade elements would combo together based on what elements I already had. One of the most important moves to master in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is the Blade Combo. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Weapon Trust Level . There are 3 stages. Xenoblade Chronicles 2: New Game + New Torna Blade Favorite Pouch Items As of Patch 1.3 , seven new blades are available in a second playthrough. All players can now find the Rare Blade T-elos, a character from Xenosaga, for absolutely free.Poppibuster is also free, but only for owners of the Expansion Pass. Sound confusing? Using a blade builds trust between the driver and the blade… Once Nia has built up to level 2 Blade Art, a button will appear next to her indicator based on what party slot she's in, press that button and she'll perform her level 2+ Blade Art and trigger the combo, which can be continued with a Fire or Ice Blade Art. The blade combo system in this game has significant changes compared to the main game. Driver combos are performed using Driver Arts and require using Arts that inflict Break -> Topple -> Launch -> Smash statuses in that order. Combo attacks in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 are key to mastering combat, and are basically essential if you're going to take down some of the tougher enemies that the game has to offer. There is a lot of terminology in XC2, so before we go over what a Blade Combo is, let’s have a look at the definitions first. Blade Combos are battle mechanics in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Torna ~ The Golden Country.They are combined Specials with specified elements performed by Blades.By successfully chaining Specials together to continue the Blade Combo, the damage dealt to enemies increases, and one of the enemy's abilities can be sealed to cause certain effects on enemy or allies.

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